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    The Story So Far

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    So my university had a ‘stress-free resort’ station set up today to help students combat the stress of finals week.
    There was a coloring table
    complete with Lion King coloring books
    There was a lego table

    and PUPPIES

    also, free massages. 

    This is the most wonderful thing that ever happened in four years of college. 

    Our school should do this

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    the gay agenda

    or as i call it

    the homoschedule 

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    Neck Deep - Live in Manchester 

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    The new Childish Gambino song is dope

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  10. this fucking cast they actually put the names of their characters on their chairs when they were casting AND EVANS HAS DUMBBELLS ON HIS CHAIR this is fucking if this isn’t proof that marvel grows their actors on fucking trees on a farm idek what is.

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    my last word will probably be either “whoops” or “shit”

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